Health benefits of regular sex

October 23, 2018 services

Everybody knows just how pleasurable sex is. Is there anything in this world more satisfying? It induces feelings of euphoria and encourages intimacy within the relationship. However, it is not so commonly known that sex is also amazing for our health. Read on for more information…

Studies show that people who have regular sex actually have less days off work sick. Ok, so maybe that is not enough incentive to send you jumping under the bedsheets. But knowing that you are going to be ill less might do the trick. Unbeknownst to most, having sex boosts our immune system. The body makes more antibodies which can help kill bacteria, viruses and help ward off a cold and the flu.

Surprisingly, the less sex we have, the lower our libido goes. Those who have not had sex in a while will agree to this fact. Maybe for the first month or two, we find the urges to be almost uncontrollable. Our bodies are depleted of the feel good hormones, especially dopamine, which is highly addictive. When we have sex our bodies are flooded with these chemicals and hormones. Which explains why the more we have the more we want. Yet, what happens when, all of a sudden, we deprive our bodies of this high? Well, we start to crave it, just like when a smoker gives up cigarettes. For the first few weeks the addiction proves to be almost unbearable. But once the body gets used to not having such a high level of dopamine. Giving up becomes easy, after a while smoking is not missed. Depriving ourselves of sex has the same effect. Subconsciously, we crave it, then, after a while, we do not miss it. So, ladies and gentlemen…if you find that you have low sexual desires….get frisky under the sheets and watch as your libido regains its healthy level again.

Another health perk is that intercourse lowers our blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy sex life can help maintain a healthy heart! In addition to this, it also helps reduce stress. Those little chemicals and hormones that help boost your libido. Are also known as happy hormones. So the more you have sex, the more your system is flooded with happy hormones ergo, less stress. This is fantastic news for those who have a high stress level lifestyle. As a consequence to all of this, we in turn can lower our risk of a heart attack!

Everybody knows that any physical activity that raises the pulse rate and makes us sweat helps us to lose weight and keep us in shape. But did you think when doing your morning workout that you could have the same results from having sex? Sex is a form of physical exercise. Granted, it is not as effective as an hour on the treadmill, but it is much more enjoyable!

As well as reducing stress and the risk of a heart attack, sex might actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Ok, maybe not sex, but an orgasm. Men who ejaculate more than 21 times a month. Significantly reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Compared to men who orgasm less frequently. If none of the above reasons have convinced you to have sex more regularly, then surely this fact must have piqued your attention.

Finally, when we have sex, especially when we orgasm. Our bodies produce prolactin. This is the hormone that we need to be able to relax. Men produce more of it than women do from an orgasm, this is why men tend to fall asleep straight after sex. So, now you know what to do if you suffer from insomnia or just really fancy a good night´s sleep.

What happens if you are single? Does is mean you are doomed to have poor health because you cannot have sex? Well, if you are in this situation and worried about the health implications of not having regular sex. You could always book an escort to help.